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Nature and Land

One of the areas in Japan that experiences the heaviest snowfall… Yokote City, Akita Prefecture. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Yokote Basin is filled with clear, beautiful snowmelt in spring. Yokote City, located in the center of the basin, is blessed with fertile land and a climate unique to the area, which has provided people with bountiful grains and fruits. The large difference in temperature, with warm days and cold nights, gives the fruits a high sugar content. It’s truly a famous area for those in the loop.

Plentiful Ingredients

Yokote City is the largest producer of apples in Akita Prefecture. The fertile land also produces a wide variety of fruits such as cherries, peaches, watermelons, and pears. All are first-class products with mellow, fragrant, and deeply delicious flavors, carefully cultivated by farmers full of passion. Our hard cider is made primarily from apples grown in Yokote, and we freely combine seasonal fruits, hops, herbs and spices provided by the land.

Fermentation Culture

Japan is said to be one of the few ‘Fermentation Capitals’ of the world. In the Yokote Basin, rice and soybeans have long been cultivated, and people survived the long winters by producing fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, and sake. Fermentation is a particularly important process when it comes to making hard cider. The fermentation culture that has been passed down in Yokote for many generations supports our hard cider making process.

Yokote Produce.

  • Apples

    Locally grown apples make up the base of our cider, which is then blended with other local ingredients to produce unique flavors.

    • Fuji
    • Yataka
    • Kougyoku
    • Ohorin
    • Kurenai no Yume
    • Gunma Meigetsu
    • Jonagold
    • Shinano Gold

    and many other varieties of apple are produced in Yokote.

  • Delicious Seasonal Produce.

    Yokote produces an abundance of agricultural products throughout the year. OK,ADAM makes ciders using a combination of delicious seasonal fruits and herbs. We hope that you can feel and enjoy the four seasons of Yokote through our hard cider.


Friends Creating One-Of-A-Kind Beverages.


Message from the CEO

Madoka Abe Representative
Madoka Abe

I feel that brewing something new in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, where I was born and raised, is in a sense inevitable for me, as I grew up with koji and miso making as part of my family's business. I realize now as an adult just how blessed I was to grow up in such an environment. With the utmost gratitude towards my hometown, I started an inn and bar in 2017 in order to create a way to connect to the world and the next generation in my own way.
Derived from the many encounters we had in the local area, we decided to try our hand in making "hard cider," which has unlimited possibilities and can utilize numerous bounties of the local land. The people full of curiosity and playful spirits who are standing shoulder to shoulder around me help me to strongly believe so, and we continue to make delicious times today.
With the world changing so dramatically after 2020, I think people like us who make a living doing things considered ‘unnecessary’ have had a lot of time to rethink themselves. However, in my case, this period has certainly helped me to say that the ‘unnecessary’ is what adds color to our lives! I no longer hesitate to be greedy for new and delicious food.
Come and share in the intoxication of this enchanting drink that allows you to taste the full richness of the land. We’re always ready and waiting to make many toasts here!

Message from the Head Cider Maker

Kentaro Kurata Head cider maker
OK,ADAM Head Cider Maker
Kentaro Kurata

I believe that the beauty of alcohol is that it brews more rapport between people. One of the great things about alcohol is that it allows friends, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers meeting for the first time to feel a deeper connection while becoming more frank.
I find it really interesting that hard cider has the freedom, ease, and openness of craft beer culture, yet has a different aroma, taste, and tradition than beer. When I first drank hard cider at a beer pub, I was so impressed, and I wanted more people to experience the taste and fun of this drink. Hard cider is the perfect drink for people to start learning about the depth and fun of alcoholic beverages.
I want to make alcohol that not only tastes good, but also brings people closer together. I would also like to make something that, even when enjoyed during some alone time, communicates the love and passion of the makers through its taste.

We deliver delicious hard cider!
We’re creating ciders with friends all over Japan and the world, centered in Yokote

Partner’s voice
Cooking Apple No Sato®
Toru Hiraragi

“Cooking Apples” are apples with a stronger acidity than most apples, and are perfect for cooking, confectionery processing, and fruit juices. Their use is greatly influenced by the sensitivity of the user, and in a sense, they’re special apples that possess so much potential and excitement depending on how they’re used. We see them as a symbol of possibility and hope.
The team that ships apples to OK,ADAM, "Cooking Apple No Sato," produces those special apples. Ideally, we want our orchards to be in the backyards of the people who use them, and we are committed to growing fruit that is close to the people who use it.
Yokote City in Akita Prefecture is the largest producer of apples in Akita Prefecture. The apples have been passed down from generation to generation for over a century and a half, and although they were often damaged by heavy snowfall, they overcame the damage and are now being passed on to the next generation in a new form called OK,ADAM. The apples we carefully nurture will be transformed into hard cider, which is incredibly exciting. Together with OK,ADAM, hard cider will create new hope and potential for Yokote.

Takahiro Suzuki

Making hard cider with the members of OK,ADAM was a blast. Just having these young guys come in and be boisterous was a source of pure cheer. While beer and hard cider are fundamentally similar, they have different and interesting qualities. In the process of brewing with them, I often gained new knowledge, and they would come in like a storm and do things in a moment that I had planned to do someday. I feel that the process of us being ‘stirred together’ in this way has also broadened the range of my beers.
They have developed a different angle and unique network than what we have, and I have high hopes that by starting this project, the culture and possibilities of alcohol will expand in a big way in the future. Let's all liven up the party together!

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