what's hard cider?

Hard Cider = an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice.

Cider, hard cider, cidera, cidre, apfelwein… these are all words for fermented apple juice. The word Hard Cider is often used in the country of freedom, the United States. It’s a deeply nostalgic, easygoing, and profound beverage. As there are still so many unknowns surrounding it, there’s room for all of us to explore together. Cider culture is slowly spreading throughout Japan as well.

Let’s take a step forward on a new journey together.


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It's time to wake up to the sunrise.
New hope begins to shine.
This cider is infused with the freshness of blueberries.

Fruit wine 330ml


Please enjoy our ciders,
each full of personality.

Enjoy an alcohol like the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve just couldn’t resist.

about OK,ADAM

Yokote City in Akita Prefecture experiences some of the heaviest snowfall in the world. The basin’s abundant water and fertile land, brought about by the severe temperature differences it experiences, nurture diverse and high-quality agricultural products including apples and hops.

Our Hard Cider is created from the bounties of this beautiful land. We combine the wisdom of our ancestors with the free-spirited playfulness of our friends to create a unique flavor experience that is at times nostalgic, and at times something completely new.

Just as Adam and Eve once reached out for forbidden fruit.
Help yourself to a world-changing experience with one of our drinks.

醸造所紹介 cidery taproom

Ciders from around the globe are getting together.
Address: 88-1-2, Omichi Higashi, Jumonji-cho, Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Open: weekday 16:00-21:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 13:00-21:00

stay & relax stay & relax

A rental lodge with sauna attached to the brewery.
A 3-minute walk away at a fermentation bar and guest house.
Enjoy your stay the way you like it.

cidery taproom

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